The Book

Breast Cancer

the notebook

Written by Julia Chiappetta
Dr. Merrick I Ross, MD, FACS
Professor of Surgical Oncology
MD Anderson Cancer Center

About the Author

Julia is a breast cancer survivor and author of “Breast Cancer-the notebook” a reference guide that provides a foundation of facts to the newly diagnosed, survivors or those wishing to take a preventative view from age 18 and up. Julia actively pursues health and wellness through running, cross-training, Pilates, and fueling her body with an organic vegetarian diet. She finds joy and meaning as a patient advocate for those with breast cancer, interaction and support for kids in need and teaching exercise to the over eighty crowd. When Julia heard the words “breast cancer”, she began doing extensive research to “get her arms around” what she would have to deal with. Shortly thereafter, she traveled to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where she was met by a highly skilled team, who after several tests and analysis suggested a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. After her surgery, Julia took the road less traveled and opted not to have radiation or chemotherapy but instead implemented a natural plan of care consisting of wheat grass, juicing, super foods, a raw Vegan diet, prayer, exercise, and making her home environment as clean and green as possible. Each day Julia would research everything she could find on breast cancer and the immune system. The result was notebooks filled with data that has now been transferred to her book, Breast Cancer-the Notebook—a compilation of easy to understand facts at the fingertips of the reader. Julia’s doctor, Merrick I. Ross, at MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the top surgical oncologists in the country has endorsed this book and written the introduction.



I will never forget you for taking the time to talk to me that one day I was trying to make a decision about my treatment options for breast cancer. I'm not sure if you remember but I just passed 5 years in remission and our conversation changed my path and life quite frankly as I bought a juicer after our conversation and stopped chemo and was on my way to a vegan/raw lifestyle. I would love to reconnect with you and see how you are doing. Chris

Christine L. Delucchi